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Video diary 1: 'Dechrau'

I wanted to keep a record of the decisions I make along the way in the project. I'm very deliberately not editing any of these video diaries unless I absolutely have to. I know if I do I will end up deleting them in a state of anxiety, or overthinking this part of the project.

I hope this makes sense! I'd love, love, love to know the textures or sensory inputs that make you shudder. Unpleasant this time, I'll be asking for the nice ones later on! Please do leave comments, or email me at lydia@niziblian.com

I think it is fitting that the word means 'begin'. Where better to start?

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Lydia Niziblian
Lydia Niziblian

Ahhh! Thank you! I've had to deal with much worse 😆 I forgot that - I can't drink out of certain ceramics


Can I just say I think this is an amazing concept and can't wait to see what you come up with. I now feel really bad for getting you to make me a memory locket with Marnie's hair! Sorry! For me there are certain ceramics that I really can't stand eating from it always makes me think that rather than my mouth watering it is my teeth that are watering.

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