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Reading this will keep it looking awesome!

Jewellery can stay looking and feeling fabulous if cared for well.  However, like everything else,  gemstones and precious metals are not indestructible! 


 Here is advice to keep your jewellery looking its best.


Keep jewellery away from chlorine, bleach and all other cleaning products.  This includes not wearing it in swimming pools and hot tubs.

Put your jewellery on last; after applying perfumes, lotions, hairsprays etc to avoid pieces and any gemstones becoming tarnished or damaged.

Do not wear jewellery in the shower, bath or whilst cleaning, gardening, exercising  or in any other situation that might cause stress or damage to it. 


The simplest way to keep your jewellery clean is to wash gently in  luke warm, very mildly soapy water. 

Pat dry, and if a polished item, I recommend regular use of a proper jewellery polishing cloth, such as these.

Always rinse an item before polishing, as even household dust can scratch softer gemstones if rubbed against the surface. 

Dr Who Cosplay Pendants: Gold vermeil/plated pieces should be kept clean with a polishing cloth regularly, particularly if on an oxidised chain.  If on oxidised chain, keep the chain as clear from the pendants as possible when not worn and do not store with chain wrapped around pendants! They should be stored where the plating cannot be scraped/scratched off.


Jewellery with brightly coloured patina is deliberately  distressed and sealed with protective coating.  This should be stored where the coating cannot be scraped/scratched off.  

Softer stones, such as turquoise, apatite and opal should be treated particularly carefully.  Most of the opals I use are Australian which do not absorb water.  However they should be treated kindly, and protected from scratches and exposure to lotions, potions, creams and sprays, all of which can damage them permanently.


Welo opals can absorb water, and whilst water can temporarily cause them to lose their colours, creams and any type of oil or grease will permanently kill they stone's colour, so should be absolutely avoided.  

If you are unsure how to care for a particular piece, please do get in touch! 

Accidents happen! If a piece becomes damaged or a stone gets chipped/damaged, please get in touch at Lydia@niziblian.com, and I will advise you as best I can on how it can be remedied, or provide you with a quote for a repair/replacement as necessary. 

I'm happy to clean or restore the finish on any item of jewellery you have bought from me, providing insured postage* is paid for both ways.  A minimal charge may be needed to cover extensive work, please email me to discuss at lydia@niziblian.com

*Special Delivery within UK, International Tracked & Signed overseas.

Thank You For Choosing Me To Make Your Jewellery!
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