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Ncuti Gatwa as The Fifteenth Doctor
Ncuti Gatwa as The Fifteenth Doctor

The Fifteenth Doctor's Jewellery

Back in October '22 I got a phone call from a lovely lady from the costume department of a company that produced 'a show'. I didn't know who, what or anything else about it, and she wasn't telling! She asked if she could come and visit my studio the next day with a colleague to take a look at my jewellery. Of course I said yes. This was interesting and mysterious...



During the visit, they told me they liked the ring (see above) that was on my homepage and would like to loan some pieces for a screen test on the lead actor. There was talk about the kind of look and feel they were after, which got my gears turning. I asked if I could have a little time to make some extra pieces and it was agreed they'd be collected for a screen test the following week. It was a busy week!

It was only the night before it was collected that I found out the show it was for. Holy Moly. Quiet excitement, as there was no clue if what I'd sent would be deemed suitable. A few days later I found out that it was on! Five rings and a double necklace had been chosen. I couldn't tell anyone.  From the first meeting in 2022 until finally on Christmas Day 2023, when Ncuti Gatwa sprang into action as the Fifteenth Doctor, I could spill the tea. It was both incredibly exciting and very surreal.





If you have questions, please email lydia@niziblian.com; for all Whovian jewellery queries, please use who@niziblian.com

You can now own the jewellery as seen on the Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Made by me, exactly as I made the pieces worn by the Fifteenth Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa, you can find them here.  Alternatively, you can go to the FAQ for the jewellery, visit the shop to see what else I make, or find out a little bit more about me.  It's a pleasure to meet you. 

Blackened silver ring with uneven texture and edges, with a splash of polished gold on it's surface

Image courtesy of BAD WOLF/BBC STUDIOS©

Image courtesy of BAD WOLF/BBC STUDIOS©

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