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About Lydia Niziblian

I'm an independent jewellery designer/maker, working from my studio in the heart of Whitchurch Village in Cardiff, my hometown.


I use gold and silver and traditional methods to create my jewellery.


My core work is based around the concept of ‘discovered artefacts’. My jewellery designs feature a range of textures, patinas and finishes, exploring the concepts of weathering, aging and wear. These are brought to life with colourful gemstones, natural crystals, mineral specimens and bright flashes of keum-boo.

All of my jewellery is very tactile, and intended to feel as interesting as it looks.

Each piece is made with the intention of inspiring the happy feeling of found treasure.


I am autistic; part of which makes my sensory relationship with the world unusual.  It informs my love of texture, contrast and many other aspects of how I create jewellery.  It also gives me an incredible ability to hyperfocus, which is very useful when dealing with projects!

On a personal note; I live with my calligrapher husband, our daughter and son, and assorted rescue animals; Sparky the dog, MeiMei and Pixel the cats, and the hooligan ferrets, Noodle & Bjorn. 

 I like video games, creatures, forests, good smells, clementines & firm hugs.  

If you would like any more information, please email lydia@niziblian.com

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Cardiff, United Kingdom