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Tomorrow and beyond

Tomorrow (25.01.21) the Shape of Words gallery will launch on niziblian.com

Finally you will be able to see the beautiful images taken by Aga Hosking and the accompanying texts. If I've got all my website trickery correct, pages should be translatable f to and from Welsh. The physical exhibition (and accompanying short film) at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery were initially scheduled to launch tomorrow, but will now be taking place later in the year, as will other exhibitions. However, the 'when' is now entirely down to lockdown restrictions.

There will still be updates to this blog, as some of the progression work still remains unseen (you're going to love my brass gwybods!) and I will keep you informed of any solid dates once I have them. In the meantime, I hope you love the gallery when it's up tomorrow and please do leave me feedback. Without seeing responses in person, it would mean the world to me to get your thoughts on the collection.

All my thanks,


3 of the Yn Barod rings with differing finishes.
Yn Barod trio of rings; sterling silver & patina

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