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That's all folks!

Thank you so much to everyone who has emailed, commented and got in touch about the shape of words so far. it's considerably later in the year than I anticipated finishing this project, but who knew how weird this covid-centric year would be! the fantastic Chris lloyd has managed to create a film that nicely sums up the shape of words, despite having to work under covid restrictions and with really limited opportunity to film anything! You can see it by clicking here

A bangle made of lots of differently coloured small felt balls
'Pobol' bangle: sterling silver & wool

The pieces can currently be seen in Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery. the project has definitely shaped how I work; just looking at my bench today and seeing the variety of materials can attest to the difference. My upcoming work features mixed media, including antique objects, more sensory aspects and i have realised all of them are deeply connected to the history and/or places in south wales. learning welsh (I'm still at the very basic level, and have decided to award myself the slow learner gold star) has definitely made me look deeper at my own welsh roots and given me a new found love for the country.

Cheerful bearded Welsh Man holding a horse, pulling a cart  filled with 6 men
My Great-grandfather; Llewelyn Morgan Jones with his sons (no room for the daughters!)

I'm looking forward to continuing taking inspiration from my home town and my favourite places & things. today i've been working on a simple ring based on lady bute's bed in william burges' beautiful castle coch, which has been part of the background scenery for me since i was born.

'Lady Bute' ring in progress

i was always desperate to try out lady bute's bed; it's based on a medieval design by Viollet-le-Duc, and features rock crystal balls, good for clarity of thought and intuition! The ring will have a spinning platform, as a nod to sensory play too. it's been a real joy to fall in love with making all over again.

Lady Bute's colourfel bed with 8 rock crystal balls adorning it
Lady Bute's Bed in Castell Coch (image by Hector Garcia)

I'm excited moving on from this, and grateful for what i've learned along the way. I'm very much looking forward to sharing the exhibition with the autistic community later this year and finding out more about how neurodivergence helps shape our creativity.

thanks for coming along for the ride!

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