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Sensory memory #4: The worst outfit for the beach

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, I am unable to get access to the pictures of my brothers and I wearing the items described in this post. For which I imagine my brothers will be forever glad. When I was born (1974), my dad was working as a sales rep for BabyGrow. Because of this, my older brothers and I were often found dressed in the brand. Here's me and my dad in 1974, I'm rocking the very latest in baby fashion daaaahling.

Baby Lydia in 1974 dressed in babygrow being held by a very cheerful dad with mahoosive sideburns
Me & my dad

I don't remember going to the beach very often when we were little; less so to sandy places. I am not built for Hot. I am designed for forests and indoors and rain and Wales. Hot weather has always led to me having migraines and nosebleeds and being generally very pink and grumpy.

One day, we were headed to the beach. I was made to put on My Beach Suit. I called my mum and dad to check the backstory of my Beach Suit to make sure I hadn't gone mad. It seems I inherited it from one of my older brothers, who were lucky enough to own one each. They were an all in one zip up outfit, with short sleeves and legs, and a decorative belt. They were bright yellow terry-towelling (yellow was consistently the worst seller, informs my dad).

The sun
My mortal enemy

The beach suits were close fitting. Mine was old enough that the towelling was nicely scratchy. It was sandy. It was hot.

All I have to say about this, is I must have been a delight that day. Much too hot, in a tight fitting scratchy suit full of sand. Rudyard Kipling's 'How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin' sums up the feelings nicely.

My kids asked the other day if there was anything good about being grown up. I'd put being able to choose your own clothes way up on that list. Do let me know some of your sensory nightmares!

NB: Edited to add a picture of my dad holding me wearing The Dreaded Suit in Looe. I feel obliged to add that there are pictures of me as a child not wearing terry towelling outfits being held by my dad.

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