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Llygaid means 'eyes', but to me, the word llygaid gives the impression of flicking slime off my

hand. It is very much linked to blue-green colours to me. I wanted to reflect that in the materials I

used. I considered resin for the wet look, and knew I could make it look ‘gloopy’ but I wanted the

piece ot have a soft gooeyness to it.  I wanted the actual feel of the piece to reflect the 'wibbliness' of the sensation the word gives me.

Having had sensory toys for my children in the material, I decided I needed to experiment with silicone.  I knew the texture could be right, so I tried out shapes and colours. I ended up making a double ended pin in silver, and stringing 4 ‘worms’ of silicone, shaded in blue-green hues in gradients of length to it. The piece sits in an arc when fastened, allowing the silicone to droop satisfyingly.

Lydia llygaid Brooch
Niziblian: Llygaid close up
Niziblian: Llygaid close up 2
llygaid Brooch 2

All photographs  ©Aga Hosking Branding

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