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Hwyl was the most straightforward of all the pieces to translate. It is a bright and shiny word meaning ‘a sense of energetic fun’ or ‘bye’ . I instantly saw it as a clean comet-tail shape going to a bright point, swooping up from left to right. I knew this had to be gold. I decided to make it a brooch, so they shape would stay exact, with no external distractrions.

I made a test piece using silver wire which helped me tweak the finished piece a bit. I flattened the design, and exaggerated the comet-like tail a little in the finished piece.

I cut the final piece from 9ct gold sheet, making a stainless steel pin for strength and set a small (2mm) diamond at the tip to exaggerate the pin-point of brightness.

Niziblian: Hwyl Brooch

All photographs  ©Aga Hosking Branding

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