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When I was little, way before I was diagnosed as autistic...

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

...the reasons I thought I wasn't like other people included;

1: I was an Aquarian, and therefore weird.

More of my natal chart. Oooh Moon in Pisces, see.

2: I probably was going to be abducted by aliens, or may even be alien. Therefore weird. The first film I fell utterly and completely in love with was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I was horrifically envious of all of those guys getting to go on the spaceship, and decided I was in love with Richard Dreyfus. The best dream I ever had was that spaceship hobvering over my garden and knowing I was going on it.

Crab Nebula, from NASA's amazing image gallery.
Home. Probably.

3: I was a 'tomboy'. I wasn't a 'proper' girl, therefore I was weird. I didn't have any particular feel for my gender growing up. I had friends who were boys, and friends who were girls. I wasn't a 'girly' girl, in the Summer I liked running about outside in bare feet. My mum would chase me out and tell me off, and my grandmother would tell her to stop, it was the Romany blood. I had a soft old yellow adidas t-shirt of my dad's, and that and my shiny red shorts were my favourite things to wear. I never brushed my hair. The Spring and Summer evenings I sat by our ponds and watched tadpoles turn into frogs, and captured them and the newts and named them and stroke their backs and smelled their frogly skin. You know where you are with a frog, they don't care if you're wearing a dress or not.

A very small froglet on my thumb
A tiny frog and me. 2015.

PS: I'm still not counting number 2 out.

PPS: Since writing this, my daughter got me to do the Myers-Briggs personality type test, which has me as INTJ, or 'the architect type'. Apparently as a female, this marks me as unusual. I am secretly pleased that this is the same type as Walter White from Breaking Bad. I'm not entirely sure this says good things about me.

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1 Comment

Are you me? 😂 I thought I was adopted or something instead of alien, but was still an undiagnosed, autistic, Aquarian tomboy

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