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Perfume Pendants

Hooray! I am very happy you have one of these. I texture and cut out porcelain clay, which is fired by the fabulous Alexis Nugent (who makes beautiful porcelain homewares). I then set the porcelain into silver necklaces, with or without gemstones. They are then boxed up and sent to you Ready for you to add your signature fragrance to.  Lovely!

Using & caring for your pendant

  • Using the pipette provided, add one drop of your chosen eau de parfum, or parfum to the centre of the porcelain.  Allow to rest, so the porcelain absorbs the scent.  If you are in a rush, dab the surface of the porcelain with a tissue to soak any excess.

  • Avoid getting perfume on the silver or gemstones. If you do, give the pendant a rinse in warm (not hot) water immediately. Pat dry gently. 

  • after a few days wear, your necklace will need a top up. Repeat step one.  

  • If you wish to change scent, or clean the porcelain, rinse in warm water with a gentle detergent (a mild washing up liquid is perfect).  Pat dry, and leave for a few hours before using a new scent.

  • General care: Avoid wearing your jewellery when swimming, bathing or showering. Put jewellery on after any body creams, perfumes and hairspray.  

  • polished jewellery will benefit from a rub with an anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth from time to time. Do not use these on oxidised jewellery, or oxidised areas.

  • If your pendant is oxidised, over time it will wear to a pleasing antique finish. If you ever want it reoxidised, please contact me at lydia@niziblian.com to arrange. I will reoxidise or clean your perfume necklace free of charge, as long as insured postage is covered both ways (special delivery in the UK). 


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