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A different take on a spinner ring. I've made a wide band ring (approx 15mm). I've hammered recycled silver sheet, and added thick (1.6mm) raised edges.  The ring has two spinning bands, one set with a 6mm deep purple amethyst cabochon. 


Amethyst is the birthstone of those born in February. It was said to negate the effect of drunkenness.  I am a February baby, frequent wearer of Amethyst, and I can only say in my youth that the amethysts I wore were defective. 


This ring is made to fit a UK size T, or US size  9 5/8


Please note this does feel quite heavy, so more suited for those who prefer the feel of chunkier jewellery.  Would also work as a thumb ring. 


If you have any questions, please email me at lydia@niziblian.com


Hallmarked at London Assay Office.


This will be sent gift packaged, if you'd like a note included please let me know

Ring of Sober Contemplation



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