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The ensō stud earrings are supplied with one facing left, and one facing right, for you to wear in the orientation you choose.  These are substantial studs, they measure 15mm across at widest and they weigh 1.8 grammes each. For comfort, they are supplied on sterling silver and silicone wide comfort slider backs. 


Made from recycled sterling silver, the earrings will be sent gift boxed. 

NB: For hygeine reasons, earrings may not be returned.


The story behind the Ensō collection

Ensō are ink circles, drawn in one fluid movement.  They are the physical manifestation of the artist's spiritual state at that precise moment.


My husband Lann is a calligrapher.  As a mindfulness practice, each day over a year he took his brush and made an ensō.  A few months in I began to be able to read Lann's mood by the style of his ensō.

It is a fascinating process, and on trying it I found it surprisingly difficult initially to relax and let the movement flow!  My silver Ensō collection is a tribute to mindfulness, to enlightenment and to letting go.


I carved the initial double sided ensō in jeweller's wax, trying to capture the essence of rough brush strokes in its form, before carefully shaping and smoothing it to feel beautiful. As with all my work, it is designed to feel as interesting as it looks.  I have had these cast in 100% recycled silver in small batches.

Ensō stud earrings

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