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A 'cwtch' in Welsh, is a special hug.  Cwtches are given to people we really love! 


I hand carved a chunky little heart in wax and had it cast in recycled sterling silver. I hand-hammered 3mm thick recycled silver rod into shape in my studio in Cardiff, and added this little heart charm on a section of silver tube so it can move freely around the bangle. Lovely weight, the bangle measures 7cm in internal diameter, approx 22cm circumference. As a guide, with my thumb folded into my palm, my hand measures 8" around and I can comfortably slip this on.

I rarely make bangles, so now is your chance to get one while you can!

Hallmarked at London Assay Office to prove it is made of silver.

Please drop me a message if you want to double check fitting.

To keep your jewellery looking its best, please follow the care instructions found here. Thank you!

Any queries, please email me at lydia@niziblian.com


Cwtch bangle



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