Tues December 17th: Confessions of a jewellery maker #1

I find it almost impossible to leave an email or message unanswered. This makes me pretty efficient in the speedy response department, but is potentially dangerous in the 'often get work emails at midnight on a Saturday and am really way too tired to be responding coherently' department.

Another thing about me, I'm a completist, albeit a rubbish one. For example I'll discover an author I like, and then have to read every book they ever wrote, find out their complete biography, influences and so on, until I get distracted (I'm pretty much Dug the dog from 'Up'.)

A couple of years ago, I was on a Kevin Smith trip (see this triggered another ride down an internet rabbit hole - just had to bring myself back from a detour to viewaskew.com and ebay) and was in the process of watching all of his films. Clerks II has one of my favourite scenes of all time in it, with this beautiful (NSFW folks!) homage to Silence of The Lambs.

Just to reiterate, this clip does have swearing and shouldn't be played around your boss*/anyone who might question exactly WTF you are doing when you should be finishing that spreadsheet/watching Paw Patrol.

So it was nearly Christmas, (kind of like it is now) I was juggling way too much in my head (kind of like it is now) one of my kids was sick so sleep was but a distant memory (hey this is getting spooky). I had an email at 11.45 at night from a lady, very politely enquiring about a potentially fabulous commission. It was just up my street, and I really wanted to do it, so entirely ignoring my sensible inner voice, who was quite clearly stating I should leave it until the morning, I replied to the email, and went off to bed.

At 12.15 am I sat bolt upright in bed, got up and trotted to check my computer with a growing sense of trepidation. I'd ended my email with a link for the lady to 'see a further selection of my work in a similar vein'. Unfortunately, what I'd sent her was a link to the clip above.

I'll never know what she made of it, because she never replied.

I'd like to say I learned an important lesson and now only respond during business hours. At least I'm more careful with my copying and pasting now.

Have an ace day,

*unless your boss is very understanding/straight up awesome/you


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