Music. Non-stop.

I'm strangely not listening to as much music as normal at the moment, probably because as a creature of habit, most of my music listening time is when walking to the studio, or working in there, and I'm not doing that! Small Boy is the most musical of all of us, he plays drums, and in normal times is in the Youth Percussion Orchestra, he can carry a tune, and has an uncanny knack for being able to reproduce something he has heard. That said, he doesn't always use his skills as a force for good. He nicked his sister's keyboard, and regularly tortures us with (typically much, much longer) versions of this. You're totally welcome.

You can stop it any time you like, you lucky, lucky human.

I thought you may be interested to listen to some of the typical gubbins that fills my ears while I work (you may not, but this is one way traffic innit).

There are swears which are not suitable for small ears.

Playlist one


Playlist two

But what might be ever so lovely is if we make a playlist together?

Whaddaya say? Won't you join me? Click here to join in.

Be lovely to each other,

Lyd xx


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