Mindfulness, and why I can't write about jewellery

I would love to write more, but find it almost impossible to write about work, by which I mean my jewellery. I have been thinking long and hard about it this week. I can write freely about all sorts of things, my life, loves and the ocean of thoughts that I swim in constantly, but work? Nope. I think I know why. I used to have difficulty understanding the concept of 'mindfulness'. My husband, the ever-zen Inkrdbl kept explaining it to me, and I would kind of get it, but not get it in my gizzards. Not because I'm stupid, but because it didn't make sense to me. I don't know if it's because I'm autistic (yes yes), that it seemed weird to me that people had to concentrate on 'being in the moment'. I realised that when I'm making, that's exactly what I'm doing. I don't need to search for space to be mindful because I do it all the time.

I love the process of making, from my routine when I get into my studio, to laying out my materials and tools, to the creating itself. I listen to music when I make, and I get into it. I get lost in it. I genuinely start feeling wonky if I've had too much time away from the studio, and I realise what a gift it is. For me it's almost a meditative practice. If that sounds schmaltzy, it's not intended.

Work is about as close to I get to being in Church (although I love visiting actual churches too), it's contemplative. Also you get to hit metal with hammers, which can be very therapeutic.

So, having considered it, I realised I'm a little possesive about my time at work. I never mind answering direct questions about what I do, but I don't feel the urge to offer up information on the processes of my day-to-day makings because it's my time. I don't need pampering (ok, sometimes pampering is good), or 'me-time' because I have it when I'm working, and I guess that's why I don't particularly feel the urge to share it. I don't want to teach, I want to do. I love showing you what I've made, I just don't really like stopping and photographing stages, and posting explanations because that interrupts the flow and the joy of it. I don't mind doing it if it's for a specific project (I've done some how-to guides for companies previously), and if anyone said 'hey Lyd, can you show us how you did X or Y' then fine I gladly would, but it the meantime I'm just happier to get my groove on and keep doing what I love.

So I'm giving myself permission to post blog posts about whatever tickles me at the studio, any of the random falling-piano drops of nonsense that occur to me, and things I love. If there's ever anything you would like to know about, please do email me (lydia@niziblian.com) I'm always interested. Otherwise, keep on doing what brings you joy.


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